The Value of an Uncultivated Spirit

When God looks into an uncultivated human spirit, he does not see a tract of wasteland. Rather, he sees an expanse of property with great potential. The spiritual wilderness might appear without form, but Sovereign God has a plan to develop it. That currently idle ground remains dedicated for a sacred purpose. One day, it will serve as a channel for the flow of spiritual light into a human soul.

apple of the eye 3

The Apple of God’s Eye

God shows the same deep concern for the future welfare of his created ones as do humans for the safety and preservation of their eyesight. The pupil of the eye is an aperture, an opening that allows rays of light to enter the retina, the chamber where images are formed. It is perhaps the most useful of body parts, but a vulnerable one. Nature takes great care and diligence to guard the pupil, also known as the apple of the eye. A strong, bony orbit surrounds it. Fringed lashes diffuse strong rays of light before they enter this tender part of the eye. The eyelids close, even during sleep, to shield the delicate part from the damage of falling debris. The pupil serves as the eye’s preciously guarded center of focus. God’s people are his cherished beloved, the object of his affection. Centered in the apple of his eye, they are the focus of his watchful care.

God Protects, Sustains, Directs

Whining winds blew through the wilderness of the Arabian Desert where God’s treasured possession wandered. Wild creatures, including screeching owls and ostriches, cried out. Lost passengers in need of provisions howled for help. The desert teemed with fiery serpents and scorpions. In these most desperate of conditions, God surrounded his beloved with a garrison of his care to shield them from their enemies. He supplied all their needs—manna sufficient for food, water out of the rock, clothing convenient for them. He led them through the treacherous terrain of the wilderness, directing them to passable routes through the steep mountain peaks. He conducted them from place to place with a column of his presence by day and a pillar of his light at night. Gracious God guided his special possession through a journey difficult enough to have left the best guides in the area confused.

All-Knowing God Keeps Watch

Today, God still covers his human family with protection and provision. He feeds his people his Word and nourishes them with the living water of his Spirit. He leads them out of their spiritual deserts and clothes them with the righteousness of his grace. The Lord continually pours forth fresh supplies of light to direct those who seek him toward the path of their spiritual growth. Even before he prepares the uncultivated human spirit for its journey, All-Knowing God diligently preserves the empty stretch of vacant turf—because he values it.

He sustained him in a desert land, in a howling wilderness waste; he shielded him, cared for him, guarded him as the apple of his eye. –Deuteronomy 32:10

How do you feel about the God who kept watch over you until the time was right to develop your spirit? Do you feel encouraged about a loved one whose spirit still rests in an uncultivated state?


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