wisdom to rise above the mire

When bogged down by circumstances beyond my control, I’ve considered each instance to be another annoying interruption, a form of opposition to my joy and set goals. In the future, I’ve decided to do things differently. I know God has my best interests in mind when he allows these potential discouragements to come my way. So, instead of asking God to keep me from troublesome situations, I’m asking him for wisdom to rise above the mire.

We never feel more in need of wisdom than when facing trials. To rise above disappointment and loss, we need to understand God’s design for these trials. If we pursue God’s purposes in them, submitting to our trials in this way, then we will benefit by cultivating spiritual maturity in our attitudes and actions. Who doesn’t want the wisdom to count it all joy when tempted to complain? If we seek escape, we lose that opportunity.

God gives wisdom to all who ask sincerely. Spiritual wisdom provides practical knowledge of the best solutions to our problems and the best way of attaining them. When we bring our circumstances before God, we can tell him specifically what we want and ask him to guide us in our present dilemma. As often as we have need, we can come to God with our requests. He will not treat us harshly due to our past neglect, ingratitude or misconduct. God promises to come to our aid, but we must ask. If we don’t value God’s generous favor enough to pray, no blessing is assured.

God either grants what we ask for or something else that is even better. God’s reply to our request might come through his Word, whereby he enables us to understand the directions given there to guide us. Or, his answer might come by way of his Spirit—suggesting the right path for us to follow or inclining us to do the right thing. When we get really down and out, we might falsely believe that God wants to help others, but not us. Been there! Can you imagine any hopeless and discouraged person you might encounter who would not want to hear that to ALL who ask, something GOOD will be given?

When we allow trials to diminish our hope, our faith witness becomes unsteady. If the Body wants to serve as a credible model to those apart from Christ, the members need wisdom for the grace to rise above the mire when swamped in discomforts and to do it in the likeness of Christ. We can show others that our trials serve as exercises, teaching us to seek and maintain our joy in the troubles God allows—in love, rather than rejoicing only in earthly pleasures. So, do you pray to be emptied of difficulties? Would it not be better to pray for wisdom to use them to the full?

If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. James 1:5

May God bless us all with the joy of Wisdom in 2012!