Grateful and Ungrateful

I live every minute filled with joy and gratitude. Not!

I suppose this is your experience, as well. Like you, I have so much for which to be grateful. People I love and who love me, goals and purposeful work to complete, a comfortable home where memories are made, the security of knowing the bills are paid, a state of good health and well being. The problem…I tend to take these things for granted. These areas of my life are going very well, so they need no attention.

Then, there are the other things. The things that are difficult to achieve or accomplish. Making enough time to exercise or finish that manuscript. The unwelcome situations that pop up and need to be dealt with. The new furniture that arrives damaged or the niggling home repair intrusions that won’t relent until completed. These are the issues that shove their way to the forefront of my mind and remain there to taunt me, steal my joy, and contribute to a lack of gratefulness.

Happiness cannot be 1

Joy arises from feelings of delight about our present situation or from the hope we have about our future happiness. God does not want me or you to live an unhappy existence. If we remain there, we are effectively not trusting in God’s power to provide for our needs. So, as believers, we have a good reason to possess constant joy. We know that God wants us to live a happy and peaceful life. He works all things together for good for us, his people.

Always rejoice, constantly pray, in everything give thanks. For this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

I find that times of unbroken joy result when I engage in constant conversation with my God. Praying and thanking him for everything that happens and telling him it is all well. And when it’s not possible to pray in words, holding an attitude of prayer in my mind. Then, I am always communing with God and my heart is full with his abiding presence and peace.

It is God’s will to fill me with thankfulness. He is training me to have a grateful heart. To always be cognizant of what I possess in Christ. All the blessings, present and future. To really be in awe of what a Good Father he is. That is why thanksgiving is always possible in my prayers, no matter the circumstances.

A truly spiritual life is lived in constant joy. If we pray more, we should rejoice more. Will you join me in committing to pray more consistently with thanksgiving? I’m quite certain that if we do, we will see our happiness soar.


During the month of December, I plan to focus my writing on Social Wellness. I hope you can journey along with me.

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