Did you receive a call from God during the global pandemic? The lockdowns threw us into new routines and gave us pause to consider our lifestyles. During this time, many people report that God spoke to them about making a change.

Some have decided to make family time a priority. And that this should include sharing more home-cooked meals, reading of books and Bible study, board games and family-friendly movies. Also, family-oriented outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling. Quite a few parents have chosen to continue home schooling their children indefinitely.

Other individuals have concluded they can perform their work well remotely from home. And that home can be in any location, regardless of the location of their place of employment. Many of these people, with their employers’ blessing, have decided to make a move and establish a home in the setting of their dreams. Here in Utah, we are currently seeing an influx of these folks to our state, known for its beautiful outdoor attractions.

What is a call from God? Some refer to it as a nudge that impels them toward a particular action. Others know it as a prompting from the Holy Spirit to move in a certain direction.

Sometimes, God sends us out. Other times, he tells us to chill and be still. There are times when God opens doors. And then, there are times when he closes them.

A call from God, often referred to as a calling, can have various meanings during the time of our path on the earth. A Christian’s one main calling is to live for Christ. In this case, the call to faith is for a lifetime. A calling can also be meant for a particular season in life. God may call us to serve in a ministry setting for a time. Also, a calling can be for a specific situation. We might find ourselves led to move to a new location.

How do we receive a call from God? In John 14, Jesus tells us that he will ask the Father to give us another Advocate to be with us forever. This Spirit of truth cannot be received by the world because it does not know him. As Christians, we know him because he is in us and he abides with us (vv. 16-17). Then Jesus said that those who love him will keep his word and his Father will love them. Jesus, together with the Father, will come to them and make their home with them (v. 23). And finally, the Holy Spirit, sent by the Father in Jesus’ name, will teach us everything and remind us of all that Jesus taught us (v. 26). Here, Jesus teaches us to have the same total reliance upon the Holy Spirit working within us as he, himself, has upon his Father.

How can we have confidence in God’s call? If you sense a tug from the Holy Spirit, ask God for a confirmation. As Christians, we want to live within God’s will. It is the best place to be for our own benefit, and to glorify our God. If you are truly seeking his will, he will give you a deep sense of peace.

At times, fear caused me to hesitate in answering God’s call. In time, I learned to move more quickly in the direction of the Holy Spirit’s promptings. Life experience has taught me that much blessing accompanies being within the will of God. Moreover, I continually well up with gratitude for the Holy Spirit’s presence in my life. I want my work here on the earth to give glory to my God.

I brought glory to you here on earth by completing the work you gave me to do. John 17:4

During this last year, the Holy Spirit has impressed upon me that the timing is now right to solidify my writing genre as spiritual memoir. I have sacred stories to tell! And I desire to tell them in a way that I hope will inspire others to live with an eye toward heaven.

What has the Holy Spirit spoken to you during the global pandemic? Have you moved in the direction of your calling?

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